Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Please Go To Reaganreview.wordpress.com

I decided to move my blog to Wordpress. My wife uses it for her blog and since she helps me with the more technical aspects of blogging, I thought I should switch. She showed me some statistics and other things that I like better too. BTW, thanks Alicia for work on both these blogs. You really help me.


All the blog posts on this site have been switched there. New posts will not be posted here. Hope you will keep on reading. Thanks for your support.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What Easter Means To Me

(Be sure to look at the chart below.)

Easter time. Is it just a big Sunday? One with a larger attendance and more work? Is it a day for family and a big Sunday meal? What is it, really, to you?

I don't always dwell on it like I should, but everything I am, every dream I have, every hope of the future, every possible happiness that I could hope to have in time and eternity, all ride on 3 days about 2,000 years ago. Those days define me. No other thing even comes close. There was a choice I made, but the 3 days had to happen for me to have a choice and they are the pivot of all. 

It is so pivotal, in fact, that it too defines human history. Before Calvary the world clamored, at least in the depths of their souls, in anticipation of this event where God transcended the corruption of sin we brought into His creation and which devastated you and me. After Calvary, we look back either in need of it or in wonder of it.

Jesus, my Savior, battled sin and death on a tortuous cross, was laid low in the cold tomb of death, and walked out on death with the keys of victory jangling in His nail-pierced hands on that Resurrection morning.

I don't know where your mind or mine is this day, but the three days ending on Easter mean everything.

Here's a chart to help you study the Crucifixion Day. It's worthy of study, even a slow lingering over the details. Contact me via facebook or email if you would like me to send you a free pdf file of the chart below.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recommended Blog Post I Read

I enjoyed reading a fine blogpost about books by Scott Pauley here: http://scottpauley.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/a-few-thoughts-on-books/

He discusses his influences and where he is today in his thinking about a personal library. Then he proceeds to give advice. Since he is Vice President at Crown College in Powell, Tennessee, I'm sure he desires to impact students who will be in the ministry. Still, what he says applies to us all.

He gives pointers on sifting through options as there are so many books on any given subject. He reminds us where to keep the Bible in regards to the books we gather about the Bible. Then perhaps best of all, he offers suggestions on how to get the most out of your books. I encourage you to read his blogpost as he has said things that, in my judgment, need to be said.